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    Award-winning store in the center of Copenhagen

    Project 4 is a shop with focus on carefully selected handpicked designs from Danish and international fashion brands.
    Discover wooden watches, handcrafted jewelries, leather jackets, cashmere sweaters, limited sneakers and more.

    The store has references back in time expressed throughout the inventory with an old telescope from 1917 and old cameras from the 1930s, combined with the latest trends in clothing, fashion and design.
    We believe that people are looking for fashion quality goods, products with a story to tell whether it is organic, fair trade, the hype or a product that is not sold any other places. At Project 4 you can find many special things that not everyone has – therefore many of our products are limited in number.
    We also want to inspire and excite our customers with the very specific choice of brands, creative store layout and knowledgeable and helpful sales assistants.

    The shop is located at: Larsbjørnsstræde 19 St. Tv., 1454, København K

    Mail to the store: [email protected]

    Telephone the boutique: +45 26846606

    Visit facebook/project4.dk


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